Custom Jewelry

Need something truly unique…looking to create something new from something old….need a special stone mounted into a special piece of jewelry…
Let the Master Jewelers and Designers at  Anfesa’s Jewelers create a design just for you that will become a family heirloom for generations to come.

What makes the difference? 

Computer aided design (CAD) using the latest 3d  modeling software  coupled with a computer driven rapid prototype machine to produce waxes, allows us to create the exact item you have envisioned.
CAD renderings allows us to show you almost exactly what the finished item will look like. Any changes you want to make can be done on the computer prior to any production work being performed. This ability to show you what the item looks like before actual production begins allows you to see exactly what we have created for you and saves a lot of labor time and mistakes, thus reducing the cost of the item as a whole.
Prototyping reproduces the computer design in wax to a tolerance of 1/10 of a millimeter.  That kind of accuracy is almost impossible by hand. With that kind of quality and precision, every item produced looks like a master!
We are able to accommodate  your needs to almost any  possibility.  From a one of a kind design created specifically for you  to an organizational item to present to an outstanding performer.


Anfesa’s Jewelers can fill your special needs

Our master jewelers can work with any of the finest metal, including gold, silver, platinum and combinations of metals.
Working from ideas,  drawings, and pictures, we can produce a piece of jewelry you will be amazed over.